I Got A Dream

Written, Produced & Performed by

Lloyd Hardy

© 2006 Lloyd Hardy


Martin Luther King

I have a dream (I have a dream),
I may not get there with you (I may not get there with you)
But I want you to know tonight (know tonight),
That we as a people will get to the (get to the)
Promised Land (promised land)

Verse 1

Lloyd Hardy

Yeah, I got a dream I can step on the stage
And see a whole load of pages of rhymes that won't age
In my mind a recite the whole book in reverse
Without need to rehearse a single line and not curse.

Bad behaviour is easy, I know it, believe me
And if nobody sees me then how can they police me?
Ignored and I'm bored, but how do I shine?
Steal a car to unwind, or write a slamming rhyme?

I choose the latter, it's phatter. I won't shatter my dreams
Just because someone mean wants to let off some steam.
You want to hold me back? Realise you will lose.
I choose these shoes to step away from your rules

And now we're playing by mine and you know I got game
With a prime rhyme designed to grab a hold of your brain.
I'm not divinely inspired, but fired up to the wire.
If I dont make, I don't shake it, you can call me a liar. I got a dream.


Martin Luther King

I have a dream that all of God's children,
Black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles
Protestants and Catholics
Will be able to join hands
And sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual
Free at last, free at last,
Thank God Almighty we are free at last!

Verse 2

I got a dream all the violence will cease,