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Jacob Rees Mogg Makes Billions From No Deal Brexit

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Jacob Rees-Mogg will make £Billions for himself and his friends while British people suffer the hardship of a No Deal Brexit. He is the Leader of the House of Commons, in control of the law making body that is negotiating Brexit and astoundingly, he will directly profit from a #NoDealBrexit.

More than that, I will show you with evidence beyond reasonable doubt that Jacob Rees-Mogg and Conservative donors have lied to us in order to engineer a No Deal Brexit to drive the UK into poverty for the sole purpose of making private profits. This is a price that Great Britain should not have to pay. We absolutely need a Free Trade Deal with the EU.

Although some of the abhorrent things that Jacob Rees-Mogg has done may be technically legal, they drive a horse and carriage through the spirit of the law and they are, without a doubt, wholly unethical and unbecoming of a British lawmaker. Jacob Rees-Mogg should be removed from office immediately.

“UNICEF should be ashamed of itself..”
Jacob Rees-Mogg

FACT 1: Jacob Rees-Mogg's Fund Invests $3 Billion in China

Jacob Rees-Mogg is a partner [1] in Somerset Capital Management[2], a $6.8 billion[3] hedge fund (over £5 Billion) managed by a Limited company in the Cayman Islands[4] with 40% of its current investment in Chinese stocks[3]. Unlike the LLP that he uses to avoid taxation in the UK, the Caymans Limited company should pay UK Corporation Tax at 19% but it is 'technically' located in an offshore tax haven.

On 14th December 2014, Jacob Rees-Mogg was reported to the Parliamentary Standards committee for failing to report[12] his conflict of interest in being a founding partner of Somerset Capital Management while actually debating in the House of Commons:

All political positions which would directly increase his private profits[12].

Somerset Capital Management's companies in the Cayman Islands are how Jacob Rees-Mogg's Funds avoid paying taxes in the UK at the very same time that the UK is about to be subjected to Brexit chaos with queues of up to 7000 lorries 100 miles long in Kent[5]. Jacob Rees-Mogg is safe though; his offshore investment in China insulates him financially from the negative effects of Brexit. We are most certainly not all in this together.

FACT 2: Jacob Rees-Mogg Avoids UK Taxes

The Cayman Islands imposes no direct taxes whatsoever on companies registered there: No corporation tax and no income tax, no property taxes, no capital gains taxes, no payroll taxes, and no withholding tax [6]. This and the fact it is an LLP mean that Jacob Rees-Mogg avoids all UK taxes on his profit from this company that does not contribute to British society in any way. The society that he not only lives in, but is the most senior law maker of.

Jacob Rees-Mogg Avoids Tax on £5 Billion in the Cayman Islands

A LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) is set up in the UK that is not liable for tax. Profits and Funds are managed in the Cayman Islands where Corporation Tax is 0%

We use taxes to pay for our NHS, Police, Armed Forces (British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force), Schools, Vulnerable People, Disabled People, for Pensions. We protect those most in need in our Britain by ensuring those who make money contribute fairly. Jacob Rees-Mogg doesn't only avoid tax but this £5 Billion fund helps other investors avoid paying tax in the UK, including Conservative Party donors. The EU promoted #FairTaxation in 2015/2016.

The EU #FairTaxation project explained Tax Avoidance used by Jacob Rees-Mogg[8]

In 2016, Jacob Rees-Mogg stated that he thought avoiding tax was not immoral[7] in stark contrast to the democratic majority of the country and David Cameron who found it "morally repugnant"[7] because honest taxpayers like us have to pay more because Jacob Rees-Mogg avoids tax. Jacob Rees-Mogg does not care about society.

FACT 3 - In 2015 The EU Cracked Down On Jacob Rees-Mogg's Tax Haven

In June 2015, the EU began placing restrictions on Tax Havens and started promoting Anti-Tax Avoidance Directives (ATAD)[8]. The EU planned to make sure the burden of tax was not placed unfairly on working people by people like Jacob Rees-Mogg. Instead #FairTaxation would mean that rich elites and corporations would pay their fair share, just like the rest of us.

The EU began a Campaign in June 2015 to introduce tighter measures against the Tax Havens Jacob Rees-Mogg uses[8]

Jacob Rees-Mogg and the Conservative Party moved quickly and by 17th December 2015, The European Reform Bill had reached Royal Assent[10]. In February 2016, under pressure from Jacob Rees-Mogg and others, David Cameron announced the EU Referendum would be held on 23rd June 2016[11].

Fact 4 - Jacob Rees Mogg Lobbied For Personal Gain

Matthew Elliott, the CEO of TaxPayers Alliance[13] became the CEO of Vote Leave at 55 Tufton Street, SW1P 3QL[14].

The Vote Leave team included: Matthew Eliot, Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Nigel Lawson, Graham Stringer, Michael Hintze, Matt Ridley, Andrea Leadsom, Priti Patel and Douglas Carswell.

Also at the same address of 55 Tufton Street are many other companies[14] with the same members in different groups and the same objectives including 4x Anti-Climate Action campaigns, 4x Anti-EU campaigns and 1x Low Taxes campaign all under different names:

And previously:

These organisations exerted political pressure to:

All of which made big profits for Jacob Rees-Mogg's Somerset Capital Management Fund (at the direct expense of the UK people and the environment). The current Leader of the House of Commons worked in multiple organisations to lobby politicians and industry against scientific fact in order to increase his personal wealth, at our expense.

This group of people can be identified as the ERG (European Research Group)which uses public funds to achieve its Anti-European Taxation Law goals and of which Jacob Rees-Mogg was the Chariman in 2018-2019[54][55].

MemeVote Leave led by Dominic Cummings hacked the EU Referendum with Cambridge Analytica and Aggregate IQ to benefit Jacob Rees-Mogg and his Hedge Fund friends [16]. Jacob Rees-Mogg went on to lie about the cost of EU Membership with Boris Johnson to manipulate 17.4 Million people into voting for his plan to leave Europe and keep open the Tax Haven legal loopholes that the EU wanted to close.

FACT 5 - Jacob Rees-Mogg Lied About £350M A Week For The NHS

Jacob Rees-Mogg promised that the NHS would get an extra £350M [17] per week but he knew the UK only pays £161M per week for European Membership after grants and rebates[18] which is more than offset by the profits on our exports of £5.6Bn of goods and services per week to the EU[19] with zero tariffs.

The true cost of EU Membership was £161M per week and we exported £5.6Bn of UK goods to the EU for free

The true cost of EU Membership was £161M per week and we exported £5.6Bn of UK goods to the EU for free [18]

Jacob Rees-Mogg always knew that a NoDeal Brexit would mean WTO tariffs that would cost the Food and Drink industry alone £10 Billion per year (£179M per week)[20]. Boris Johnson announced in 2020 that the UK would also need a further £10 Billion Brexit bailout[21] bringing the total cost of Brexit to over £380M per week without calculating the cost of tariffs on any other industry. When people pointed this out, Jacob Rees-Mogg called it 'Project Fear'. The reality is that there is no additional price of new hospital each week from Brexit, we actually lose the cost of a hospital every week because of Brexit.

“ the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because [for] the broad masses of a nation.. it would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths.”
Adolph Hitler, Mein Kamph, Vol I Ch. X[22]

Fact 6 - Jacob Rees-Mogg Lied To The Queen To Get No Deal Through

Jacob Rees-Mogg asked the Queen to prorogue Parliament for 5 weeks[23] to force a no deal Brexit option through[24] after Boris Johnson fired 21 of his own MPs from the Conservative Party who opposed a No-Deal Brexit[25]. The UK Supreme Court ruled that the prorogation of Parliament was unlawful[26] and after investigating Jacob Rees-Mogg's request for prorogation to 'prepare for the Queens speech', the UK Supreme Court found that he misled the Queen of the United Kingdom into acting unlawfully as the true reason "had the effect of frustrating or preventing the ability of Parliament to carry out its constitutional functions without reasonable justification"[27] at a time where Parliament were proposing legislation to block a No Deal Brexit scenario[28].


Fact 7 - Jacob Rees Mogg & Friends Make Billions in a No Deal Brexit

Jacob Rees-Mogg's Somerset Capital Management (Caymans) Ltd fund which has a value of $6.8Bn was set up for him by his friend Crispen Odey who bet £300M on the collapse of the UK economy in a no deal Brexit scenario[29], gave Boris Johnson £10,000 and Vote Leave campaigns £873,288.15[30].

The other Hedge Fund managers that make billions from a No Deal Brexit include Paul Marshall who invested £100,000 in Vote Leave[30], a founding partner of Marshall Wace LLP that controls $40Bn his off-shore tax avoiding funds[31] and also made £50M profit betting against the UK economy when it was devastated by Coronavirus[32] while 70,000 British people died from the effect of Covid 19. Paul Marshall is the reason Michael Gove (Jacob Rees-Mogg's colleague) cites for encouraging him to join the Vote Leave campaign[53].

The top donor to Leave campaigns was Arron Banks who invested £8,106,375[30] to protect his offshore investments in the tax havens of Gibraltar, British Virgin Islands and the Isle of Man.

The profits of the tens of billions that Jacob Rees-Mogg and his friends make in a No Deal Brexit will avoid all UK tax. Somerset Capital Funds alone could make 50% should they capitalise on the loss of 50% of our free trade with the EU by shifting resources to buy up devastated UK stocks, potentially £2.2 Billion ($3 Billion) from a No Deal Brexit. This is a massive conflict of interest for the Leader of the House of Commons, the cornerstone of our democracy to have.

Fact 8 - You Must Do Something

Children will be hungry and people will die in hospitals and people will lose their homes and our Armed Forces will be more poorly equipped and our NHS staff will be exposed to covid without PPE and our Police will be patrolling alone in danger and you will pay more tax and fees for the services they will privatise.

Unless you do something. Call for:

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Keep sharing it every 10 minutes with them every day until everyone knows who created No Deal Brexit and who will make Billions from it and keep sharing until the Conservative Party have no option but to remove Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove and agree a EU deal.

If you are wondering if YOU can really make a difference, please remember; the United Kingdom is a democracy. ONLY YOU can make a difference.


Lloyd Hardy

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There are 2 more facts about Jacob Rees-Mogg which you may find useful:

FACT 9 - Jacob Rees-Mogg Is Linked To Racists

In 2013, Jacob Rees-Mogg proposed a merger between the Conservative Party and UKIP[33] which was rejected. He even nominated Nigel Farage as Deputy Prime Minister[33] which was also rejected. According to Sajjad Karim, Nigel Farage told UKIP Party activists "we will never win the n*gger vote. The n*g-nogs will never vote for us."[34].

In 2017 Jacob Rees-Mogg met up with Steve Bannon[37], a far-right white supremacist and friend of Nigel Farage[38]. Bannon was arrested for conspiracy to commit money laundering and fraud[39], called for the beheading of the Director of the FBI[40] and referred to Tommy Robinson as "The backbone of Britain"[41].

In 2019 Jacoob Rees-Mogg posted a video on Brexit by the leader of the AfD (a Nazi linked Party in Germany who called for immigrants to be shot)[42]. Rees-Mogg's sister served as a Brexit Party MEP from 2019 to 2020[43].

FACT 10 - Jacob Rees-Mogg Is Not A Christian

Rees-Mogg professes to be a devoutly religious Christian but in 2019 be actually blamed victims of Grenfell for dying[44]. He uses his faith to support his anti-gay marriage stance, anti-abortion stance (even in the case of rape or incest) but also has an almost perfect voting record against equality and human rights and environmental protection[45] and in 2020 un-charitably attacked UNICEF in Parliament for feeding hungry children[46] (which is what they do) in the UK (which is what he is meant to do).

Jacob Rees- Mogg has six children, which you pay him a salary of £81,232[47] for and £138,400 in expenses[48] of tax payers money per year to feed, even though he has a private salary of £943,000[49], and an estimated fortune of over £150 Million[50].

Jacob Rees-Mogg thought that this House, his wife's ancestral home deserved over £7 Million pounds of taxpayer money to renovate but he did not feel that hungry children in London deserved £25,000 of the money the UK taxpayer gives to UNICEF to eat.

And this is why me must act now.