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Project Equality

Project Equality: Organising People Living Equitably (PEOPLE)

Founded: Sunday 11th August 2019

Members: 4

Member Directory:

Lloyd Hardy - International - (Entrepreneur)
Sherry Lian - Singapore - (Healthcare)
Karen Fox - Northern Ireland - (Law)
Miranda Salisbury - Malawi - (Community)

Objective: The goal of Project Equality is to organise and sustainably address the highest priority problems of the World by uniting existing projects and utilising existing resources at a grassroots level.

There are no costs or other requirements to membership other than the desire to make a positive change in the World. We hope to see every member of society represented as a member in our project. It is then that we have achieved our goal.

Oath of the PEOPLE: "To uphold the highest ethical standard in the fight for equality and equity. To always choose freedom, kindness, hope and courage over lesser objectives and weaker qualities".

Every member has an equal vote and an equal share of the organisation. Any human is afforded entry however, the ability to vote is dependent on the observation of the Oath of the PEOPLE.


  1. Love
  2. Poverty
    1. Profiteering
      • Free Marketplace = Create marketplace for Poorer Farmers to Sell Directly to Richer Buyers (Fairtrade), Microshipments
      • Replace foreign goods with local goods (conservation of reosurces)
  3. War
  4. Education
  5. Discrimination
  6. Environment

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